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Merve Kurt

Hi visitor!

You’ve come all this way to find out who I really am, huh?

In a way, I’m nobody. In a way, I’m like everybody. But really, I’m just an ordinary person like you and many other. I just have a different perspective on life, that’s all.

I am a PhD candidate of public finance and economics at the Eskisehir Osmangazi University. And short time vising researher at NUIG. My research interests include education, health and public economics. Currently working on a project about develeponig dynamic microsimulation model. End of the day I love all kind of science and have an insatiable desire for knowledge.

In here, you’ll find some of my academic studies, articles maybe projects, blog posts and apps, games I’ve developed, and lots of other stuff like that. If you are interested (!) so far, keep scrolling.

I am a PhD. Candidate I am a part-time coder I love science [I work on microsimulations] path = "github.com/MrvKrt" I love cyberpunk, noir, syntwave, horror genres downloading information … ✓ keep scrolling

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